Shutter Bug

shutter bug coverPhotographers it’s a platform for you to present your talent in photography and not editing .Tech-Utsav 1.0 brings photographer an opportunity to come up with their skills on camera. Shutter Bug is a photography competition where all the photographers have to come up with the photos based on the theme ,the top 10 photos will be selected and presented on stage for decision of final judgment.

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Battle of Maniacs

battle coverGaming is the Art of Mind. It has the ability to exercise your brain as well the all 5 Senses. Being a 21st century kid no one haven’t any Idea without Computer Gaming. TECHUTSAV brings here the opportunity to unleash your Gaming power .

Crazy about computer Game …

Come ! Play !! Win Prizes !!

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Feisty Fawn

fiesty fawn coverSkills can’t be snatched, Talent can’t be stolen ,thus Tech-Utsav presents ”Feisty Fawn” [Adzap] a youthful event for talented actors to prove their talent in dramatically .The participants will be assigned with a topic and they have to dramatize it live. The best drama team will be selected by the judges and will be rewarded, thus uplifting the acting and creativity skills of the participants.

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prastuti coverWords and Presentation create impact in Spectators mind.Tech-Utsav presents “Prastuti” a paper presentation competition for the Technicians of tomorrow.The participants have to design paper based on the specified topic and present it to the judges in a Lucid and interesting manner.

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Techno Chart

techno chart coverCreativity leads innovation and innovation to ideas,”Tech-Utsav” brings creative mind a chance to present their Technical Knowledge in a creative manner.”Techno-Chart” is a poster presentation competition participants have to design the posters in an attractive manner and should present the subject of the poster clearly to the concerned judges. The best presentation will be chosen and rewarded.

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brainiac coverTechnical geeks…

Welcome to “Brainiac”, a Technical quiz competition.
The competition is encircled with all the Technical aspects related to various fields starting from Discoveries, Researches, Programming to latest technology in the current phase of information Technology, It’s accompanied by “Rapid Fire” where you need to answer questions being asked.
The winner of the “Brainiac” will be rewarded.

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Techno crack

techno crack coverWelcome programmers to their battle ground.
Department of Computer Application presents “TECHNO-CRACK” a debugging competition, this event will not only help the programmers to proof their programming skills but also an opportunity to enhance it .

The programmer who will successfully Debug the code will be awarded.

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TechUtsav 1.0

cover poster

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