Techno-Chart (TechUtsav)

  • Vision

Creativity leads innovation and innovation to ideas,”Tech-Utsav” brings creative mind a chance to present their Technical Knowledge in a creative manner.”Techno-Chart” is a poster presentation competition participants have to design the posters in an attractive manner and should present the subject of the poster clearly to the concerned judges. The best presentation will be chosen and rewarded.

  • Topic:
  1. Role of IT in Social Media
  2. Age Of Connectivity
  3. Smile Encouraging digital Appliances
  4. Augmented Reality
  • Rules:
  1. Maximum of two members in a team
  2. The poster designed must be from above specified topics
  3. The poster will be judged by the judges.
  4. Judges decisions are final
  5. Innovation in presentation will be evaluated.
  • Awards
  1. The top 2 winners will be rewarded
  2. Participation certificate will be rewarded

Timing                       : 1:30 P.M – 2:30 P.M (13th Mar 2014 )

Venue                       : T.P. GANESHAN AUDITORIUM Corridor. 

>>>>> REGISTRATION <<<<<

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