• Vision

Words and Presentation create impact in Spectators mind.Tech-Utsav presents “Prastuti” a paper presentation competition for the Technicians of tomorrow.The participants have to design paper based on the specified topic and present it to the judges in a Lucid and interesting manner.

The best presentation of the “Prastuti” will be recognized

  • Topic:
  1. Bio Inspired Networking
  2. ZigBee Technology
  3. Silicon Brain
  4. Green Computing
  • Rules:
  1. Maximum of two members in a team.
  2. The time limit for paper presentation is 7 minutes
  3. The presentation must be based on above topics
  4. The Judges will evaluate the presentation.
  5. Judges decision is final
  6. The participants should also come along with the hard copy of their presentation
  7. Come along with a Soft Copy of their presentation.
  • Awards:

The top two winners will be rewarded.
“Certificate of Participation” will be awarded to participants

Timing                          : 1:30 P.M – 2:30 P.M (13th Mar 2014 )

Venue                          : Mini-Hall , T.P. GANESHAN AUDITORIUM 


>>>>> REGISTRATION <<<<<

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